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The Accelerate ACL Difference

Increase Quad Size

Studies indicate AACL athletes increase quad size 3x more efficiently after ACL surgery1.

Use Technology Day & Night

The AACL Proven Process is a complement to your current rehab plan that allows you to utilize the world’s leading recovery technology with workouts from home. You’ll learn how to reap the benefits of the technology around the clock, ensuring you are always in control of the recovery process.

The Harder You Work, The Better Your Result

As an athlete, you’re already used to pushing yourself through grueling workouts to become the best version of yourself.  During the AACL Proven Process, you’ll learn how to implement this mentality into your ACL recovery process.
Start Creating Your Own Comeback Story
Free Report For Athletes, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers & Doctors

This paper describes the 7 most significant ACL recovery limitations for athletes.  It also details each step of the Accelerate ACL Proven Process and how it’s designed to help athletes optimize the recovery process.

Arrange For A Free 15 Minute Call With A Member Of The AACL Team

This phone call is provided to help you speak to a member of our team 1 on 1 and determine if the AACL Proven Process is the right fit for you. If you determine it’s a good fit, we’ll help you to get started right away.

Take Us With You, Every Step Of The Way

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Virtual Training Sessions

Schedule and complete 1-on-1 virtual training sessions usingthe Neubie device under the guidance of your AACL trainer.

Personalized Workout Program

Receive personalized AACL workout programs for days that you do not meet with your trainer and have access to 100+ ACL specific movement patterns.

Nutrition & Hydration

Track daily protein and water targets, based on general recommendations from leading nutritionists.


Track your progress toward individualized rehab milestones.

The Technology

The technology used by Accelerate ACL is a direct current device that can do it all:

Maintain and improve range of motion

Re-educate muscles

Increase local blood circulation

Prevent muscle atrophy

By combining the technology with Accelerate ACL workouts, it can provide a safe, low impact means to improve mobility and build strength after ACL reconstruction surgery.

The Accelerate ACL Proven Process

The Proven Process utilized at Accelerate ACL is designed to supplement your rehab with your physical therapist and doctor.  It can be completed in between Physical Therapy sessions from the comfort of home.  Studies indicate that the combination of technology and the proven process can increase quad size 3x more efficiently after ACL reconstruction surgery.



A 6 week prehab program is proven to help athletes improve short term and long term outcomes after ACL reconstruction surgery8.  Accelerate ACL technology provides a safe, low impact means to jump start the recovery process, improve range of motion, and keep the legs strong heading into surgery.


Accelerate ACL Technology utilizes direct current technology that increases local blood flow to its target area. During the regenerate phase, you can reap the benefits of DC current 24/7.


Immediately after tearing the ACL, the neuromuscular system deactivates the quadriceps and limits the hamstring in a shortened position10-11.  The reactivate phase of the Accelerate ACL program focuses on starting to reactivate the muscles affected by ACL injury.


Restoring full range of motion as quickly as possible after ACL surgery is imperative.  Research suggests that being on track with range of motion goals 4 weeks after surgery will set you up for success and decrease chances of arthritis, knee pain, quadriceps weakness, and decreased ability to create force12-13.  PTs and Doctors have been consistently impressed with how quickly AACL clients regain ROM after surgery.


Accelerate ACL operates from a basic premise.  If the muscles are absorbing force properly, the ACL should take on very little force. Studies suggest that ACL tears occur when certain dysfunctional muscles do not create and absorb force properly14-15.  During the Reset phase, Accelerate ACL protocols utilize technology to re-educate muscles throughout the kinetic chain to work properly.  You’ll progressively train the body at higher and higher levels of input.


Rebuilding strength in the affected leg is the last step required to bulletproof your ACL recovery program.  Our technology is paired with grueling isometric work to increase strength quickly and build symmetry in the quadriceps16-17.


Accelerate ACL experts coordinate with your rehab team to ensure the most up to date guidelines are following in returning to sport15.  You’ll systematically test yourself and gradually build up testing capacity to ensure you know exactly where you stand and that you’re 100% confident when it comes time to return to play.  The goal? To have you feeling stronger than before the ACL tear.
The Accelerate ACL Team

Creators Of The Accelerate ACL Proven Process

The Accelerate ACL team took their learnings from over a decade of experience utilizing direct current technology with professional athletes to develop the AACL Proven Process.  Since teaming up, they have been featured by numerous publications and productions around the country including 105.7 The Fan, Baltimore, WEII Boston Sports News, Jacksonville 1010XL The Drill With Dan Hicken And Jeff Prosser, and The Washington Post.  The AACL team works with people from all walks of life and their services have been highly sought after by MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA, and Olympic athletes.  Through these experiences, the team has developed a remarkable track record of recovery stories all around the country.

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